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My name is Ziaur Rehman and i am the Owner, Founder, and author of This Blog. I have experience of blogging of 2 years.I am actually a higher secondary Computer student.But along with that i am a part time FreeLancer.
This blog is just my part time passion to help other people.Along with that, i am also trying to support my financial career through this Blog and other online sources.

For the 2 years, i am exploring online services like Blogging, YouTube, Adsense, SEO, and many other.And i am also a Computer student, so it will not be wrong to say i have good experience of Blogging and other online platforms.But of course i don't have full grip over these things so i do them with the help of online sources and thanks to my Family and Friends, they help me much to discover the rightful experience and knowledge about my online career. 

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About my Personal life, i am native Punjabi Speaker religiously Muslim, born in Gunian, MandiBahauddin, Punjab, Pakistan.I with my Father, Mother, Brothers, Sisters have 11 members in my Joint family.My father is a ShopKeeper, he trade in dresses.Among my Brothers, 

Hafiz Ataur Rehman
i want to introduce My eldest Brother to you, His name is Hafiz Ataur Rehman, he is an Advocate, FreeLancer and Hafiz.He has been my Guardian for two years.Reason to introduce him to you is because He is my Hero. 
By the way, I am studying Intermediate Computer Science.My future study goal is to become a Expert Software Engineer, Ethical Hacker, Programmer and Developer.
Goal for my life is to live a happy life with my life.
That's it for Now.

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Cell: +92 342 6667510

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