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Dirilis Ertugrul

Who realized that one TV show could edify us from numerous points of view! As the Muslim world is sucked into the agitation of Ertugrul Ghazi and comparative Osmania dramatizations, its vital that we reveal what is recorded actuality, and what is only for amusement purposes, on the off chance that we need to really profit by the historical backdrop of the Ottoman time frame. I as well, love viewing Ertugrul and comparative shows like. Yunus Emre' which educate such a significant number of incredible life exercises, also fuse Quranic sciences and Hadith. And yet as opposed to making anecdotal legends, lets praise reality in the history and value our saints for what they ACTUALLY did. 

Ertugrul Bey

Ertugrul is the dad of Osman. With the little piece of Kayi clan, Ertugurl with just 400 tents, went on the difficult way toward the West and made establishment for probably the best realm. After Sultan Aleaddin was harmed by Sadettin Kopek, he rebelled against Kopek's legislature, and broadcasted his own State, the City of Sogut its legislative hall. 

His adoration and regard for his better half was broadly known. He had four children with Halime Sultan, and he kicked the bucket at 90 years of age. The most recent ten years of his life were spent unobtrusively in his clan, when because of the mature age, he moved every one of his obligations to his most youthful child Osman. A recorded verification of his life are the coins printed by Osman which recognize Ertuğrul as the name of his dad, yet past this very little is thought about him separated from folktales. 

There is data and chronicled realities about him that are kept in Turkish documents, inside Ibn Arabi's sequences, in Western files about Templars, in Byzantine's orders and in legends – yet this data just adds up to around 7 pages of sources as indicated by the entertainer Engin Altan Duzyatan, who offered life to this extraordinary character. In spite of this Engin thinks of it as an incredible benefit to play Ertugrul as he was the main individual in Turkish history to move away from the roaming way of life and hope to set up an express that went onto most recent 600 years. 

We do realize he was covered in Sogut in 1280. Around his tomb are graves of Halime Sultan, Hayme Mother, his children, Gunduz, Savci Bey, Saru Batu and Osman, his sibling Dundar, Turgut Alp, Samsa Alp, Abdurahman, and numerous others of his Alps, who came to Sogut with Ertugrul Bey. The ones that were not covered there, kicked the bucket en route. 

Halime Sultan

She was Seljuki Princess, extremely committed to her better half and his most noteworthy supporter. She surrendered her title and her Palace's life because of her adoration and commitment to Ertugrul Bey. Through her union with Ertugrul Bey, Seljuk Turks and Oguz Turks, two biggest Turkish branches were unalterably joined by direct relations.

Turgut Alp


He was one of the best and most prestige warriors in Turkish history, a kindred spirit to Ertugrul and his best adherent and supporter, a savvy and fit man.He carried on with a bizarrely long life, in any event, for our time. He outlasted Erugrul Bey by 35 years, and he was executed in a fight, with his amazing fight hatchet in his grasp matured 125 years of age! After Ertugrul died, Turgut become the primary help to Osman, and when Osman set up his Sultanate he remunerated Turgut with the most noteworthy situation, as a Governor of the new State. 

Bamsi Beyrek 

He was an unbelievable legend; his life has been portrayed in the book of medieval Ottoman's sequences of that time, titled ''The book of Dede Korkut" . He was a savage warrior, goodhearted and entertaining man. His affection life was incredible, since his heart was isolated between two loves. He went through 16 years in a prison in Byzantine, and the Princess, who lived in that Fortress began to look all starry eyed at him and helped him escape. It isn't known when he kicked the bucket or to what extent he lived; just that he lived genuinely long for that time, and that he was trapped by deceit and killed, abandoning a spouse and kids. We may just think about to what extent this character will be kept in this arrangement. 

Artuk Bey

Known as Ertugrul Bey's correct hand man in the TV arrangement, yet there is a great deal more to his story! Artuk Bey (otherwise called "Child of Eksük" or Ibn Eksuk) was a Turkish General of the Great Seljuk Empire in the eleventh century. He was the Seljuk legislative leader of Jerusalem between 1085–1091. Artuk Bey lived in Qüddus up to his demise in 1091. 

Artuk Bey was one of the authorities of the Great Seljuk Empire armed force during the Battle of Manzikert in 1071. After the fight, he partook in the success of Anatolia in the interest of the Seljuk Empire. He caught the Yeşilırmak valley in 1074. He likewise served the ruler by subduing a resistance in 1077. 

His next strategic a crusade to catch Amid (present day Diyarbakır) from the Marwanids. In this battle he squabbled with the Commander in Chief Fahrüddevlet who would in general make harmony with Marwanids. In an unexpected assault he crushed fortifications to Marwanids. In any case, when the Sultan Malik Shah I found out about the occasion he associated Artuk Bey with dispute. 

Artuk Bey left the combat zone and took care of Tutush I who was Malik Shah's dissonant more youthful sibling in Syria in 1084. In 1086 he was instrumental in overcoming Süleyman, the ruler of Seljuks of Turkey in a fight among Süleyman and Tutush. 

The Beylik of Artukids was named after him, established 11 years after his demise by his children. His valiant children are El Gazi ibn Artuk who struggled Baldwin II of Edessa at the Battle of Hab, Syria (1119) however lost and Soqman ibn Artuk, the partner of the hot tempered Tugtekin Bey, The Governor of Damascus against the Crusaders in 1104 at the Battle of Harran close Raqqa. 

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