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What is Blogging?
Blogging is an online activity in which people start their own blog, write content and share to public all over the world.These days Blogging is the most powerful freelancing source.There are millions of blogs on internet today and millions of people are earning money through them.
Some people do blogging for just popularity, time pass and a part time hobby but most people on internet start their blogging career to support themselves financially.
But whatever the purpose someone has for blogging, of course blogging makes the much part of internet and most people on internet know about it.

Why to start a blog?

Would you like to convey something, similar to a message or a thought? Would you like to manufacture a network around your affection for a reason? And many more?

A blog can enable you to advise, instruct, advance and even sell, however just in the event that you are clear about your aim from the beginning. 

Here are some topics, why people make and operate a blog"

  • To improve composing and thinking abilities 
  • To set up ability 
  • To build fearlessness 
  • To connect with others in the business 
  • To bring in cash blogging 

To earn money from a blog, you can sell your products, you can do affiliating and also selling ads and working with companies by advancing their items and administrations – taking into account that 61% of online clients make buys dependent on suggestions from a blog, this could transform into an exceptionally beneficial undertaking for you.

Where to start blogging?

This question is the most common question among new comers who want to join free lancing and do start blogging.Actually there are many and many platforms where you are allowed to create your free blog and write content.Among them some top are here:

  1. Blogger: Blogger is the very best and very free online platform to start blogging.It is google product and is very powerful tool to create blogs where you find many built-in templates as well as there is a option to add your own XML template.
  2. Wix is another platform where you can create any type of blog.
  3. Wordpress: Wordpress is the biggest platform which hosts 42 percent of website online.
  4. Godaddy: It is the very simple platform to start your online blog but it is a little paid.
How to start making money?

After did you start your blog, you should work hard and post your unique content every day and after that you start to get more and more views, you can put ads in them:

Watch video to explore more:

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