Turkey invaded Syria to dig up a grave? Who was Sulyeman Shah? | Kayi History Part 2

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In 2015, Turkish forces invaded Syria to dig up a grave.It is said that 600 soldiers and 39 tanks contributed to attack.Whose Grave that is?
That grave is of one of your favorite character from Resurrection Ertugrul.Who?
Ertugrul Bey or Turgut alp or Hamza Alp, or Osman bey? No, not at all.then Who?
Yes you are guessing right, Great Sulyeman Shah, father of Ertugrul.
Here we have got you history of Sulyeman Shah with full details along with the article that why is He so important for Turkish Nation.

Who was Sulyeman Shah?

Suleyman Shah is accepted to have lived from 1178 until 1236 and the Turkic inborn pioneer and Bey is the father of Ertugrul and granddad of Osman I, the organizer of the Ottoman Empire which went on for six centuries. 

Sulyeman Shah was head of Kayis, who were a tribal branch of Oghuz Khan. He was son of Kaya Alp, a former Kayi bey.Sulyeman Shah is thought to be the best ruler or bey of Kayi Tribe, who took Kayis to peak.He had 4 sons:

  • Gundugdu
  • Sungertekin
  • Ertugrul
  • Dundar

As per historians of Ottoman History –  the Ottomans originated from the Kayi clan, which was lead by Sulyeman Shah after his dad Kaya Alp migrated from Erzurum to Halep.

"Sulyeman Shah was daddy jaan to Ertugrul Ghazi and Grand daddy jaan to Osman I, the founder of Ottoman Empire.He was exceptionally bold and savvy head.Among his war life doings, he battled against Mongols, Crusaders, and even Ayyubidds.Of course, he set Kay Tribe at it's pinnacles."

The Kayi clan was a part of the Oghuzs who relocated from east to west and wound up in Anatolia, focal Turkey, during the Seljuq time frame. Shah was a twelfth century military pioneer of the Seljuk Empire, one of the principal Turkish gatherings to settle in Anatolia. 

As per students of history, while he was going through cutting edge Syria, he tumbled off his pony and suffocated in the Euphrates River close to the ongoing site of the tomb.While he died, his 2 sons Gundugdu Bey and Ertugrul Bey were with him. It is accepted devotees of the Shah headed into advanced Turkey where Osman 1 established the domain. 

Last advice of Sulyeman shah to his Sons:

While he was dying in River, he advised his Sons, Gundugdu and Ertugrul to always stay together, and always fight for Justice and Never give up even your enemy is Greater than Phiron, Don't Forget Allah is greater than  every power.Never give up your Trust in Him.Always be guided by right path, the path of Allah.

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History of Tomb of Sulyeman Shah:

His tomb is slice south from Kobani to the site of Suleyman Shah's tomb on the bank of the Euphrates, where, as indicated by legend, he kicked the bucket while swimming. Suleyman Shah is a figure of moderate significance in Turkish history, since his grandson became Osman bey, originator of the Ottoman realm. Suleyman's sepulcher was worked close to the waterway, at that point revamped in the nineteenth century by abdul Hamid II. In early 1930s, it turned into a Turkish exclave – practically speaking, if not exactly in principle. As indicated by the bargain that finished up its war with France, Turkey was just explicitly conceded the option to "name watchmen for it, and may raise the Turkish banner there".

Why is tomb if Sulyeman shah so important?

At the point when he suffocated in the Euphrates, his tomb stayed heavily influenced by the Ottoman Empire and in 1921, the Treaty of Ankara marked by Turkey and France allowed the previous the land encompassing the tomb just as the tomb itself. During this period, Syria was under French principle. 

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It is Turkey's just outside enclave and Ankara recently said an assault on the domain would prompt outcomes of a military kind. 

In 2014, Former Turkish President Abdullah Gul stated: "Our sole real estate parcel outside our country is this. It will be secured the manner in which our country is ensured. It's Turkey's property and it will have its banner there. I need everyone to know this." 

Be that as it may, the sepulcher has been moved beforehand in 1974 around 50 miles (80km) toward the north when the tomb was overflowed in light of the development of another dam and a store called Lake Assad.

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