5 Free Blogging tools every blogger must have

Why Tools:

At very first, in blogging field, bloggers didn't need any special or formal tool for their site to drive and get traffic because there was no competition a few years ago.But the now a days every person and individual with any ability is create his own blog and millions of blogs are available.In this competition, you must have proper tools used for your blog to make it's content unique, and seo it properly.

Here we have got you 5 best free tools with use of which you can drive traffic to your blog and make ad networks approve your blog for ads.

Free Blogging Tools:

1. Alexa:

The first tool we got today is Alexa ranking.Alexa is of course not fully free but it is always free to check ranking of your website.It help you get the information of traffic of a domain based on the traffic that domain drives.The higher ranking of a website shows how much people visit that website.Like Google is at first in Alexa Ranking, so it means that Google is the most visited website on internet.By checking the Alexa ranking of your blog, you can of course be more fit.

2. Google Webmaster console

For your best Seo, Google webmaster console is a best online tool.It is as by name, provided by Google and is very free.It offers you data about your site and tells you the best keywords and other tips, that how can you drive traffic to your blog.
This tool make you be introduced to Google Search engine Robots, which makes your site appear in upper results.

3. Grammarly

Grammar of a blog's articles matter very much in driving traffic and making the web content efficient. Further more, the ad networks you choose for your site, always keep an eye over the grammar of your content.In result, if you have a good grammar used in your content, you have more chance to make more money.
But it is very difficult for us to correct grammar mistakes by ourselves.So here we have got you a best free tool to improve your content's grammar.Of course you sometimes ever, would have heard the name Grammarly. It is a very best free tool which automatically analyze your content and tell you where to correct mistakes and it too has ability to correct your mistakes by it's own.

Feel free to add it to Chrome for free

4. Google Analytics 

it is a free instrument from the mainstream Google which lets you know the examination of your site. You should interface your site with Google Analytics and afterward it will begin investigating your traffic. It will reveal to you segment data, area astute information, gadget savvy information and some more. 

In this way, why not utilize such an incredible instrument.It can be linked even to your wordpress pulgins

5. Small Seo Tools

Presently, this is the best instrument accessible for anything you need to do. It is only a site which you should visit and there are huge amounts of administrations for bloggers for nothing. 

You can get SEO administrations, Moz rank, Alexa positioning, sitemaps and HTML codes and so on for nothing. This makes it a total across the board answer for every one of your needs. You can likewise change a specific post utilizing this site. There is no specific motivation behind why you ought not utilize this free blogging apparatus.

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